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Sexy Coors Light 6-Pack Easy DIY Group Costume

I have 5 close girlfriends and every year we have the hardest time coming up with our group costumes! Being that we are all in college, we thought “what better costume than to dress up as our beer of choice…Coors Light!!” We bought cheap dresses at Forever 21 and Duct Taped each other into them with special metallic Duct Tape from Michaels (about 1.5 rolls per person…this step takes a long time so allow about 45 minutes each).

We finally taped a cut out of the Coors Light logo (we cut it out of the box) and adhered them to our chests with the “Silver Bullet” cardboard cutout on our backs. Lastly, we used the can pop tops to string on chains as necklaces. We went out to the bars and actually won a costume contest! Definitely the cheapest and easiest costume we have ever made! We got tons of compliments, though I will say it was difficult to move and dance in a taped dress.

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