When I decided that I wanted a shocking and disgusting Halloween costume, I ordered a latex mask from amazon. The first one  ordered was sold out so I went with a back up one. I bought liquid latex, black and red makeup, black out eyes, spirit gum and remover.

The gown and gloves I bought from a thrift store costing a total of $15. the masquerade mask I bought from party city. I burned a small hole in the bottom of it where I inserted a wooden stick I bought from Jo Anne’s crafts for 25 cents and secured it with hot glue. When the mask from amazon was delivered, I added the make up and liquid latex to make it look as though the skin was peeling off. I secured the mask to my face with the glue and was able to remove it without even using the remover at the end of the night. The costume was a success and people were asking to take pictures all night!