Creepy Girl Version Of Billy from Scary Movie 4

Well, this Halloween, I wasn’t thinking of wearing a costume at all. You see, in my country, we don’t really celebrate Halloween the way other countries do. We just simply have small horror booths and that’s all– a bit of Halloween costume fun for the kids at the mall but nothing much for the teens or adults. But since I wore a costume the last year(I went as a pig and a big bad wolf because I was bored) I decided that in the spirit of the season, I’d dress up for the heck of it.

Now, this costume really was just last minute. I got the idea while sitting and staring at pictures on my laptop. It’s October 31st here in my country, and as I was scrolling down a website that showcases photos, I saw this really amazing photo of a girl dressed up as the freaky alien from Scary Movie 4 and I was thinking, “Wow. She looks so hot and creepy at the same time, I could totally look like this.” And with the spring of hope and interest inside me, I decided to celebrate Halloween the last minute. I hurriedly put on the make-up and everything and I even used expired red lipstick because there was no other option. I even got the coal in my eyes looking so wonky at the first try that I had to wash it and do it all over again. My hands were already so dirty by the time I finished, but it was all worth it. I was so pleased by the way I looked so creepy that I didn’t mind! I then wore my jeans and black boots to make it look more fashionable.

Now, I tried taking pictures by myself in my room with the camera stand, but it was horrible! And I became sweaty as hell(tropical country woes). So I went down and asked my mom for help and when she saw me, she laughed and called my dad, “look at what our daughter looks like, daddy.” My dad saw me and gasped. But the both of them helped me in taking pictures. and now I have great looking pictures to post on my insta. But for now, let me take off this expired lipstick and hope it won’t leave rashes on my lips. Bye!