I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to be for Halloween until one day I was looking through my laptop and I found the anime movie Princess Mononoke. I decided I wanted to be San, the wolf princess. My family thought it was a great idea but they had no idea how I’d do it. I was so excited when I found a few different DIY sites that told me how to make a mask, and a hooded cape. I went to so many different stores, regular stores, hobby stores, fabric stores and even a few thrift stores. For my costume I bought a styrofoam half circle for the mold for the mask, some clay, two yards of white furry fabric, and two shirts from a thrift store. In total I only spend about $24, which was really exciting because a store bought costume would cost around $30. As I was finishing up my costume I got more and more excited.



Starting the mask

I started out with a foam half circle for the mold, and covered it in plastic wrap. I put tons of layers of papier mâche onto the mold. A big problem I ran into was the papier mâche took SO LONG to dry. I started this on a Tuesday, and my Halloween party was on Friday, so I had to use a blow dryer to dry it faster. Once dry I cut out the eye and mouth holes.

Making the Mask

Finishing the mask

I covered the whole mask in clay, and added a few details to match San’s mask. Then I painted it.

The Finished Mask

Making the Hooded Cape

I had absolutely no idea how to make a hood, or a cape, or even use a sewing machine. My dad suggested using a cheap material to try out making a hooded cape, so i found some in the garage. My sister suggested tracing the hood of my favorite jacket to make a pattern. Luckily my dad remembered watching his grandma sew when he was young, so he was able to teach me the basics of using a sewing machine. It only took me about an hour to make the pattern cape, so I started on the real thing. The first thing I learned is sewing fur is horrible!! The fur gets tangled into the needle, but I finally got it done.

Getting Ready for The Party

I was so excited when I finally got to put my enitre costume on and show it off to my friends and family. I even painted my face to match San’s.

Front of Costume

Back of Costume

Face Paint