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Creative Homemade Peacock Princess Costume for a Girl

Every year my family and friends come together to a theme party to challenge our own creativity. This year the theme was “Trip around the World”. My family picked India as the country to represent. Since peacock is the national bird of India , that was perfect for our 10 year old daughter who wanted to be a princess with a peacock feathers.

I simply reused her old Jasmine princess costume, yes that was her costume when she was 6 years old. With simple alteration, adding extra piece of fabric in both under arm side made it fit perfectly. I have some blue and yellow green colors – satin fabrics that I sewed in layers so it will look like a gown. This gave her more of the princess look.

For the peacock feathers, the real feather alone is around $ 1.5 to 2 dollars per piece and it’s a lot of money for one night wearing event. So instead of using real feathers, I found a peacock designed fabric at SAS fabric store that was 50 percent off from regular price. It was a steal. Then I got thin sticks and fan made of bamboo to give support to that fabric. I attached 3 x 60” long of blue lace that tied in her waist and adding blue feathers in sides and the back, made it so beautiful peacock feather costume.

At the event, friends were astonished with the unique beauty of our Peacock Princess. Plus, the fact that this costume didn’t harm our family budget, it was a success!

Creative Homemade Peacock Princess Costume for a Girl

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