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Cool Venus Flytrap Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

I was dreaming up creative Halloween costume ideas and one day while sitting in a friend’s apartment I noticed a plant he had on his window sill. It was a fly gobbling Venus Fly Trap. Dionaea muscipula… I immediately asked him if he had any old bed sheets because I had an idea!

After raiding the linen closet I then went out and bought three boxes of Rit dye and a large bag of cotton balls! One old pizza box and the rest was history! Only four days later and a lot of sewing I had two humanoid-sized Fly Traps for the great price of $4.98. I still have them and I enjoy the look on people’s faces when I ring their doorbell. They can’t see my face because my head is in an enclosed trap but I can see them. And my hands….they open and close with a flick of a thumb!

Total Spent: $5

Creative Halloween costume by Lisa K., Bonne Terre, MO

Venus Flytrap Creative Halloween Costume

My son has always liked the Venus fly plant (he wishes they had a Venus man eater plant). He ran across this creative Halloween costume idea on the Internet, fun for dear old mom.

This creative Halloween costume is approx 24″ X 17 1/2″. I went and purchased black, green, red and white felt, large 1″ foam used to make chair cushions, and a large Halloween bucket with handles. I rolled the foam out on the floor and had my son lay down on it to see how big to draw the top and bottom leaves.

I drew one and cut it out, and then I traced it to make the second one and cut it out. I cut out a hole in the center of each, the bottom one had to be big enough to slip all the way over his head to rest on shoulders and the top one to rest on top of his head.

I took the green felt, laid it out on the table and traced around one of the foam leaves. I took and cut out two of these, one for the top and one for the bottom. I did the same for the black, one for top and one for bottom (I did not cut the center holes out for the head, I did this last).

I had to work to find the right sizes for the red, green and black pieces that go inside the top and bottom mouth because they have to go down in sizes. I cut two 1″ strips long enough to go all the way around each leaf. My son cut out 17 different size teeth pieces for this creative Halloween costume.

We then took all the pieces outside (THIS YOU WOULD NOT DO AT YOUR KITCHEN TABLE). We started with the top leaf and sprayed the material one piece at a time. We used the green for the top and placed it on. We turned it over, placed the black, green, and red pieces one at a time spraying each. We did this with both foam leaves.

You then place the teeth on (this is where I put the long 1″ strips of black felt along the sides as a trim). After everything is placed I took the bottom leaf and cut all the felt off the hole that is needed for the neck. You can make a strip to go around the inside of the hole to cover up the foam if needed.

I took the top leaf and cut out the hole pieces, all but the green (you don’t want the hole to go all the way through). I then took a sock cap and sewed it around the hole in the top leaf and made a chinstrap out of felt to help hold in place. I put both pieces together, made a hole in each leaf, and ran two pieces of black pipe cleaner through to hold the two pieces together.

Note: I went back to where I glued the strips on the sides and stitched around each leaf for a better hold. For the bucket I took and cut the bottom out so my son could walk with it. My son painted “Venus Teacher Trap” on the front of this creative Halloween costume.

He wore this creative Halloween costume to school and won 1st place in his class room and then won in the overall category. This creative Halloween costume took us one day to make. Total Spent: $15

Creative Halloween costume by Yvette M., Wilmot, NH

Venus Flytrap Creative Halloween Costume

I started this creative Halloween costume with an egg shape cut out of cardboard. I cut the edges inward and duct taped them to get the curve just right. I duplicated this for the bottom portion of the head but cut out a gap for my son’s head to slide into. The “lips” are made of fabric and cotton stuffing. The felt teeth are attached with hot glue to the cardboard (prior to covering everything with green felt). Leaving a little extra fabric on the back of the head, I sewed the head to a sweatshirt and hot glued fabric leaves that I cut out along the bottom of the shirt. I did the same to the pants as well., , Using an old pair of rubber boots, I hot glued peat moss for the roots. I also placed bits of plastic vines around to give him a “wild” look. I finished off by making simple mittens that duplicated the look of this creative Halloween costume head piece!!!, , Total Spent: $18

Venus Flytrap Creative Halloween Costume

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