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Cool DIY Snow Globe Costume

My wife made the mistake of suggesting that I make a Snow Globe costume. I love the challenge of coming up with creative Halloween costume ideas.

At first my head was going to be above the globe, but the technological challenge of doing it Bubble Boy style was too tempting.

I made the globe much like a Mylar balloon is constructed with two flat discs glued at the edges. The entry point in the bottom is a “tube” made of thinner clear vinyl. The tube seals around my waist and holes in the tube keep the globe inflated. The fans inflate the tube and holes allow it to leak and keep the globe filled.

I built the entire costume start to finish in less than two weeks, putting in 1-2 hours a night.

Things to do better include faster fans and more power. After about 20 minutes the D batteries were giving up and condensation started forming in the bubble.

Total Spent: $120

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