Creative Gumball Machine Costume

I ask my kids what they want to be every year. My daughter always comes up with some great ideas. This year she wanted to be a gumball machine. My mother used to make my costumes when I was little and I have continued the tradition with my own kids.

Supplies: red fleece, gray and black felt, 6 metal rods, 2 metal wreath frames 1 lg. 1 med., hula hoop, printed picture of enlarged quarter, white card stock, vinyl sheet, ball pit balls, black duct tape, plastic bowl, suspenders and spray adhesive.

First, shape and weld the rods to the med. and large wreath frame to make shape of gumball jar. Cover top with red felt. Attach suspenders to inside of metal frame. wrap framed top in vinyl and use black duct tape to adhere to top and bottom. Leave the 6th section in back open with only 1/3 of vinyl at bottom to keep the balls in, but open enough to allow good air flow for costume wearer.

Sew bottom section with red felt and create a opening around the base to slide in hula hoop. Print an enlarged quarter on white card stock to insert in pocket on front. cut felt pieces as shown for mechanism area and adhere with spray adhesive. Cut bowl in half and cover/adhere with black duck tape.

We had so many nice comments of the creativity and look of how it came out. She won a ribbon for creative costume at her school parade and neighbors gave handfuls of candy for a job well done on the costume. She also won a local costume contest for most creative.

This costume was mostly made of recycled items or supplies I had on hand. I keep the cost of the costumes I make under $25. This costume can be recycled next year into a hot air balloon with a few minor changes. Happy Halloween!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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