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Cowabunga! DIY Ninja Turtle Costumes for Female Group

Steps to “Righteous” DIY Ninja Turtle Costume:

Leonardo (Blue), Donatello (Purple), Raphael (Red), Michealangelo (Orange)

1.  Turtle Shell- We purchased turkey foil pans for $1.00 each and paper mached them to give them a turtle shell look then spray painted them using brown and green aerosol paints.  We drilled holes in the top and bottom and each side and secured the black elastic straps.

2. Tutus- We bought black elastic and cut elastic 24″ long and tie on the elastic until all the elastic is covered.  We used a contrasting kelly green for the tutus.

3.  Shirt, Suspenders, gloves and Leggings- Purchased a long-sleeved hunter green shirt and screen printed on it.  One of us worked at a place where they screen print.  The shirts were only $7.  The leggings were hunter green leggings purchased from Amazon for $10. We purchased cheap suspenders and stretchy gloves.

4.  Weapons and eye mask were purchased as a set for $8 off Amazon.  Each set came with the appropriate weapons and eye mask for each turtle.

5.  The arm, elbow, and knee colored pieces were old t-shirts cut and tied on.  We wore black boots that all of us had on hand.

6.  Medalions- We used cardboard and cut it into a circle and made the the initials for all the turtles, D, L, R, and M. We attached them with strips of a old brown t-shirts we cut up.

6.  We used green face paint to finish the look. We used camo green paint that dries completely on your face so it does not smear off.  We put on the eye mask before we applied the face paint.  We covered our necks and used Q-tips to put face paint on the parts of our eyes showing.

We got lots of compliments and everyone loved our costumes.  We won 1st place group at our Halloween contest this year! We even had pizza for supper before going to the party since that is the turtles favorite food.

Cowabunga! DIY Ninja Turtle Costumes for Female Group

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