Tooth Fairy and Tooth Couple Costume Ideas

Costume by Amy H., Ashland, OH

Tooth Fairy and Tooth Couple Costume

This is my daughter as the tooth fairy and my son as her tooth! We had so much fun with this couple costume!

First, I bought a white sheet and drew the shape of a tooth on it. Next, cut 4 pieces to have a front and back. Sew 2 pieces together and leave a space to stuff with stuffing. Do the same to the other 2 pieces. Sew the spaces shut and you have your front and back of the molar.

I used felt to cut out the letters and glued them on. You can’t see in the Halloween image, but the felt is glittery. I used elastic to connect the front and back of the tooth together. It also helps as it goes over the shoulders and I wanted it to be easy for him to handle and not have to worry about falling or having to hang on to it.

For his head I wanted it to look like he had a cavity so I bought a white hat and used silver reflective foil tape to cover the top of the hat (it’s a bit hard to see it in the Halloween image). That kind of tape is usually used in construction and can be found at your local hardware store. I made this costume within a day and had lots of fun doing it! Total Spent: $6