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Cotton Candy Couple Costume

My best friend and I are really into making our own costumes. We save ideas in our phones all year. This cotton candy couple costume idea came to us at a Red Sox game.

We purchased an over-sized tube top that worked as a dress (we’re both 5 feet tall) and then bought cotton stuffing, 2 cans of spray paint, a head band and a foam cone. We sprayed the cotton both blue and pink then hot glued it strategically onto the tube top. We then sprayed our cone with glitter and glued it to a sturdy head band. Then we wrapped an extra piece of painted stuffing around our head.

We had a ton of fun! We went on a bar crawl and everyone wanted to take pictures with us and we got lots of compliments. Well worth the hours of work to make them. Although I will admit… they were pretty ruined by the end of the bar crawl!

Cotton Candy Couple Costume

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