Costume by Drema P., Barboursville, WV

This was a dress given to us by someone at a rummage sale (it was a homecoming gown), my mother took it for my daughter, as she wanted to be Miss USA 2017 (since she is 7).

You don’t need many costume designs to create this persona.

She already had the pink bodysuit worn underneath to help her keep warm, I bought a silver purse for $1 on clearance to use for her candy bag, had the crown from a wedding, bought sparkle for hair and body for about $1.50.

I used my own makeup.

I had the Satin material and made the sash out of that. I also bought panty hose and took a pair of her white summer flat shoes and glittered them.

She truly looked authentic! For about $5 I thought we had a fantastic Miss USA!

Total Spent: $5

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