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Coolest Zombieland Couple Costume

My boys wanted to dress up as a couple of their favorite zombie hunters, Columbus (left) and Tallahassee (right) from Zombieland. For Columbus, I curled my older sons’ hair (well, as best I could) and only had to purchase a cap gun. He already had the blue button-up shirt and blue hoodie for the outfit. I wrote the Zombieland “Rules” as a list down the front of his shirt and had to add a few rules that were missing from the movie (and additional websites I perused).

For Tallahassee I borrowed a cowboy hat from a friend and we already had the dark blue shirt, jeans jacket and necklace. I purchased a short hand gun and he wanted to add a plastic knife he already owned. I bought brown vinyl from a fabric store and stitched up a gun holder for his leg. Missing from the picture: The Twinkie.

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2 thoughts on “Coolest Zombieland Couple Costume”

  1. This is the cutest!!! Me and a few friends went as zombielanders last year, with a zombie twinky, this costume blows ours out of the water!!!

    Wonderful costume!!!


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