Coolest Woody and Jessie Adult Couple Costume

I found the Woody shirt and hat at a thrift store. I bought a red fabric marker and created the grid pattern on the yellow shirt. I made the vest out of cow fabric from a craft store, and hot-glued the same fabric on my jeans for Jessie’s chaps. I found a plain white button-up for Jessie’s shirt at a thrift store, hot-glued yellow felt on, and used a red chord for the decorative loops. I also bought a cheap pack of large buttons and glued them on the front of both shirts. I found a pre-made wooden sheriff’s badge at a local craft store that already said “Sheriff”, so I just wrote Woody in cursive underneath it.

The belt buckles and boots were borrowed from some friends. You can’t see it in the pictures, but I also made pull string circles from flexible plastic tubing (that I later spray-painted) and attached them to the shirts with elastic cord using hot glue.

This Woody and Jessie Adult Couple Costume was a tedious process and took an entire month, but the finished product was worth the effort. We won both costume contests that we entered!

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  1. You should go into business haha :D, those look sooo much better than the one piece rubbish that you can buy off Disney :P

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