I looked online and in Halloween stores for ages and couldn’t find a decent fitting Wonder Woman costume for sale that was affordable, so I decided to make my own.

I started with the bottoms, and bought some blue spandex shorts. I then toyed with the idea of how to make the stars, and decided to go with transfer paper. I printed out about 36 stars, cut them out, and ironed them on. I also bought some gold rope from the fabric store and tied it at my hip.

For the top, I went to Value Village and found a used tank and cut the straps off. I got some gold gift bag paper and cut out the design, then stuck it to the top with strong double-stick tape. I didn’t have enough money for real boots, so I just picked up some red stockings and wore them with heels.

The cuffs and headband were the only items I bought pre-made from the store. To top it off, I put my hair in rollers to give it some volume, put on some bright red lipstick, and I was finished!