I was inspired by many of the costumes on this site, and had wanted to be Wonder Woman costume for a few years, so put in the time and effort to make it happen this year.

I found electric blue shiny hot pants on eBay for about $10, red boots online for about $15-$20. I went to every thrift store around looking for a suitable red top, but couldn’t find anything like what I wanted. I had a tan-colored tank top I never wore, so ended up dying it red ($3).

Inside the boots I ordered were cardboard … things (don’t know what they’re called; they help the boots keep the shape?) that I spray painted gold ($2 for can of spray paint). I had an old white T-shirt that I also spray-painted gold, and cut out the WW symbol.

I know I went the lazy route, but that other design…too complicated for me. I used a clear headband ($1) and some of the leftover cardboard material spray-painted gold to make the headpiece and some red paint I already had for the star. The rope I got at the grocery store ($3) and again, spray-painted gold.

It was a huge hit! I loved wearing it. So much fun. Definitely the least amount of clothing I’ve ever worn in public.