Cute Homemade Wonder Woman Costume

I was inspired by many of the costumes on this site, and had wanted to be Wonder Woman costume for a few years, so put in the time and effort to make it happen this year.

I found electric blue shiny hot pants on eBay for about $10, red boots online for about $15-$20. I went to every thrift store around looking for a suitable red top, but couldn’t find anything like what I wanted. I had a tan-colored tank top I never wore, so ended up dying it red ($3).

Inside the boots I ordered were cardboard … things (don’t know what they’re called; they help the boots keep the shape?) that I spray painted gold ($2 for can of spray paint). I had an old white T-shirt that I also spray-painted gold, and cut out the WW symbol.

I know I went the lazy route, but that other design…too complicated for me. I used a clear headband ($1) and some of the leftover cardboard material spray-painted gold to make the headpiece and some red paint I already had for the star. The rope I got at the grocery store ($3) and again, spray-painted gold.

It was a huge hit! I loved wearing it. So much fun. Definitely the least amount of clothing I’ve ever worn in public.

3 thoughts on “Cute Homemade Wonder Woman Costume”

  1. and not skanky looking!! Great job. What did you do for the stars on the shorts. Ive had the hardest time figuring how to do mine.

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