Our family went as Shrek and gang in 2007 and I was dared to top my Shrek.

To do so, I could only think of cross-dressing, but didn’t want to do anything rude. Then one day the Wizard of Oz was on TV and the rest is history.

My wife’s lion costume was a simple pair of brown pants with a yellow shirt and curly wig. The nose, face, ears, and tail were bought for $12.50

My daughters is wearing stretch pants with my wife’s shirt over it and cowboy boots. The straw is fuzzy yarn bought from a bargain bin. Two rolls for $2.00. The hat was a $1.85 witches hat turned inside out and crumpled. The rope was from my shop.

My son’s costume was a sweat suit which we had just purchased for him to wear anyway. The plastic sheet, webbing shoulder straps and rivet details were also from my shop. We bought a cheap funnel set and silver textured spray paint at Wal-mart. They were less than five bucks.

my dress was made by a co-worker. I’ve got maybe $25.00 in it. the shoes were old slippers with heavy red paint and even heavier glitter on them. They wig was put together from wigs at our church with ribbon and safety pins.

We have a trunk or treat at our church. It provides a great outreach and safe place for kids to go.

We (I) caused lots of giggles and “oh mys” when people saw me for the first time.