Coolest Wizard of Oz Costumes

My friends and I did a Wizard of Oz theme for Halloween a few years ago. We even have a yellow brick road!!!

The Tin Man is the only purchased costume:( All Others were hand made.

I myself made the Dorothy and Lion costumes with no patterns….I just winged it! The shoes were a cheap pair of heels from Payless that I painted red and glittered heavily. Then I glued on glittered bows. I even dyed my hair red!

The lion costume was easy made from a cheap fake suede material. I used a long sleeve t-shirt and scrub pants as my guide. I used some kind of furry fabric for the hood/mane. I put tufts of the fur around the bottom of the pants and at the end of the tail. My husband made the lion’s medal at work and we glued on a printout of the real medal.

It was a lot of work, but well worth it for our Wizard of Oz costumes to be one-of-a-kind.

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  1. That was great and you gave me a lot of inspiration for my textiles project!!! I really like the dorathy costume!


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