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Cool Witch Halloween Costume

I decided to do something traditional this year by dressing up as a Voo Doo Witch. I bought the pre-made nose and chin, but the rest is a complicated mixture of liquid latex and different shades of makeup.

I am layered in 3 sets of black dresses, for warmth and effect. The layers are torn, and I used unscented deodorant (ha ha) swiped all over, to give the material a dirty, worn out look. I bought special effect contact lenses, which made the whole face just “pop”. Kinda creepy looking.

I also painted, and shaded my hands to look old and dirty. After I was all finished about 4-5 hours worth, I drove around town and scared the crap out of people. After that, I decided to stand downtown on Main Street, and wave at people going by. I got so many reactions, I was funny. One lady stopped, parked, and told me that she got goose bumps, as soon as she glanced over and saw me. I couldn’t even count the number of honks and people going by with their phone cameras out the window.

To say the least, I had a really FUN time n this witch Halloween costume. I hope everyone else did too!

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