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Coolest Walking Ocean Halloween Costume

My boyfriend’s son is really into the ocean. The life inside of it, the colors, the animals, everything about it. So, last year he went as the walking ocean.

What you will need:

A pair of blue sweatpants and sweatshirt
Small Baggie of Sand (optional)
A few sea shells
Pictures of the ocean (animals, sea weed, etc.)
A sand bucket, mesh bag, or something for them to carry to put candy in.

Start off with measurements. Have the child put on the sweat suit. Figure out were you want the sand to stop on the bottom of the pants and where the ocean needs to start on the pants. The portion of the pants that will be hidden from the sweatshirt don’t worry about decorating, save yourself the time and effort. We decided not to glue the sand on the legs and instead use the ocean bottom part of the fabric we found. I would suggest starting at the knee or a little lower for the sand.

We took an old pair of Blue sweats and turned it into the walking ocean. On the pants, we were going to glue sand starting at the knee and stopping about 2 inches above where his shoes hit. I didn’t want sand in his socks and shoes making him uncomfortable but then changed gears when we found the perfect ocean fabric and decided to cut out the bottom of the ocean part of the fabric and sew it onto his calves for the bottom of the walking ocean. We put his sweatshirt on and made a line where the shirt hit the pants, no use doing more than you need. From the line on the pants to the knee and from the middle of the sweatshirt to the bottom (arms included) we sewed ocean animals. I found some fabric at Wal-Mart that was the ocean. I cut apart pictures of each animal, the waves, and what was the bottom of the ocean and sewed the on the outfit. We found some old sea shells and drilled holes into the tops then attached them to the shoulders and top of the chest of the sweatshirts. For his goodie bag he carried a mesh laundry bag I had. It looked great and he loved it.

The workers on this costume were:

Myself (Creator, Shopper, Cutter & Sewer)
My Mother (Sewer)
My Aunt (Sewer)
My Uncle (Drill Master)
Ethan’s Brothers and Father (Selectors of Sea Shells and cutters)
Ethan (Cutter, Design approver & The Walking Ocean)

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