Coolest Venkman and Zuul from Ghostbusters Costume

I have never bought a costume. My fiance and I are die hard movie buffs and it seems hard to come up with a good his and her costume. A year before that we dressed up as our “alter egos” a rich man and wife from the 40s. Sadly is seems like adults we know tend to not get into Halloween so we have missed several opportunities to dress up.

We both love Ghostbusters so a last minute decision lead us to Venkman and Zuul from Ghostbusters Costume. It looks like my costume was just a bag, but trust me, a lot more went into it. From the movie you can see that her dress was actually two layers and not just flowy orange. I have been other movie characters and I strive on accuracy and haven’t used a pattern.
The dress was “liquid gold” fabric with a sheer warm orange overlay.

Peter was supposed to be in a flight suit and not a standard issue utility pair of coveralls, but no one but me noticed. The patches were easily found on eBay, but the proton pack, that’s another story. Sadly, I don’t have a picture of it. We took a black back pack and zip, tied a canned good box to it to where the box actually covered the whole back pack. Glued varies items on, wires, lights and spray painted it all black. Looked AWESOME! Plus in the back pack he had a mini tape player playing the Ghostbusters soundtrack the entire time.

We had a blast!

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