Coolest UPS Delivery Person and Truck Costume

We receive so many UPS parcels!! My daughter really likes our UPS driver and receiving packages are always exciting. When asking her what she would like to be for Halloween, she said a UPS driver so we made this UPS Delivery Person and Truck Costume. Now, that part was easy. Her friend decided to go along with the theme and built an amazing UPS truck. With cardboard, tape, spray paint, working headlights, rear reflectors, frosted plastic sheets, a copier and a little help from her Dad, the truck was built.

The girls decided to call some of the children in the neighborhood to let them know that the UPS truck was coming around with a special delivery for them and they delivered their holiday presents a little bit early. Every child needed to sign for their package and out it came from the truck. It was so much fun and the girls looked great! The UPS costume was not handmade. The largest size is a Toddler 2-4 but it runs so wide that it fit my 10 year old.

4 thoughts on “Coolest UPS Delivery Person and Truck Costume”

  1. Cool costume! You set the standards high…now I’m forced to replicate for my 4 year old who loves all types of trucks including UPS

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