Coolest Two-Face Costume

My son wanted to be a ‘Bad Guy’ and Two Face from Batman seemed like a fun one to create! We found a kid size blue suit jacket from a thrift store, along with some gray dress pants. I took fabric paint and painted half the jacket and half the pants. I went for the Tommy Lee Jones Two Face look. I painted the yellow zebra stripes first then went back and painted the black fill in. (Note: After using this much paint the arms were sorta stiff. This was my first time using fabric paint-maybe there is a trick to it).

Next I found a tuxedo shirt at another thrift store along with the tie. I brought both of them home and again painted half of each with fabric paint. I did the red spots first then filled the rest of the shirt in with purple. Then I outlined the red with black. This shirt was long sleeved and I did the whole front and back and sleeve. ( Just in case the jacket came off) Finally I painted his tie. Green on one half with black outlines. We shaved half his head, added some face paint on half his face, and a fun gun for a prop. For shoes we have several pairs of Converse-Chuck Taylor’s so we did a dark blue on on his ‘normal’ side and a bright red one on his wild side!

His Homemade Two-Face Costume was a total hit!