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Coolest Troll Dolls Group Costume

Very easy to make Troll Dolls Group Costume!

We bought a nude-coloured body suite and some nude leggings. We didn’t want to feel too naked, so we wraped a scarf around our waist. For the belly button: we glued jewls onto a diamond-shapped cardboard. We then glued some pins onto the back of the board so we could attach it to our suits without ruining it.

For our hair: We backcombed (“teesed”) it all with hairspray. To make it stay up, we put a plastic up under it and tied out hair on top of it. We then spray painted it. It stayed up perfectly the whole night! Use A LOT of hairspray.

Our costume was a huge hit and we received compliments throughout the night!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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