Coolest Trojan Man Costume

My brother and I have been thinking of this Trojan Man costume for a couple years now, and we have finally made it.

The skirt is paper mache and cardbaord strips, woven on to an old belt. The red skirt we found at the salvation army, the white shirt is his own gym shirt from school, and the cape is a red house coat tied to another belt.

The helmet is and old “transformers” helmet(I think from around 1985ish, and it was purple) I added the chin guard with again paper mache. The “red crest” is an old broom, glued and paper mache’d on (I love to paper mache… if you haven’t guessed. haha!)

The little “Trojan condoms” around his skirt and his sheild – paper mache cardboard and papertowel:-) Oh, and a lot of paint,and sparkles.

This took me 3 nights in total to put together.

Trojan Man Condom Costume

Trojan Man Condom Costume

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3 thoughts on “Coolest Trojan Man Costume”

  1. This is by far the coolest costume ever! This “making your own costume”, is a big part of what Halloween is all about, the excitement of creating from imagination. Well done guys!


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