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Coolest Trailer to Her Trash Couple Costume

I have been coming to your website for the last two years to help me come up with ideas for Halloween costumes. I will have to say that I always get comments on how cool they are and how did I come up with that. This year I was able to come up with a very cool costume last minute that did not take to much time to make.

The day before we were to go out for our Halloween party my girlfriend told me that she was planning on being trailer Trash, that day when I headed into work I still needed to come up with a costume. I did not want to be a regular Trailer Trash with her; I wanted to be more original so that is how I came up with “Trailer to Her Trash” Costume.

How I created the Trailer:
• Step 1: finding a box that was the right size for the costume. My work had just purchased a cigarette butt receptacle; the box was the perfect size.
• Step 2: Wrap the box in white vinyl completely on 3 sides.
• Step 3: Take strips of green vinyl and made a border like a typical trailer.
• Step 4: Print out decals of windows, door, propane tanks, “hillbilly”, broken down car, signs, guns, and of course the deer mount for the front of the trailer and placed them on the wrapped box.
• Step 5: Cut out an oval hole in the top of the trailer. (I cut the hole just a little larger then my waist so the box was being held onto my body by resting on my belt)
• Step 6: Cut out a square hole in the bottom of the trailer to make it easier to walk.

How to create the Trailer Trash:
My girlfriend already had in her wardrobe the pale pink bathrobe, black tank top, socks and shoes. She had borrowed hair curlers from a friend of hers and since she doesn’t smoke, got a cigarette from a co-worker. She borrowed a pair of my boxers.
• Step 1: Put hair curlers in her hair
• Step 2: Put on clothes, which included a bright colored bra, black tank top, boxers with little hearts on them, tall gray socks, tennis shoes, and pale pink bathrobe.
• Step 3: Applied three different brightly colored eye shadow, eyeliner and dark lipstick.

Homemade Trailer to Her Trash Couple Costume

Homemade Trailer to Her Trash Couple Costume

Homemade Trailer to Her Trash Couple Costume

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