Coolest Toy Story Jessie Costume

My daughter wanted to be Jessie for Halloween this year! We are always big on homemade costumes! I thought this was going to be a cinch! Well it was a lot of work, but we think it turned out great!!!

We started with a plain white polo and a pair of jeans. I made the chaps using white and black cow print velboa from Hancocks, added white canvas fringe, and black roped trim around the edges! The top is done with yellow cotton, red roped trim, red felt, white canvas for fringe, and silver embroidery thread.

The buttons on the shirt are clear pin-on buttons that I painted white and then used a silver sharpie to make the silver outline. On the back, I cut a hole in the very middle of the back, inserted a grommet, then braided three pieces of white elastic roping together pulled them thru the grommet, tied a knot and then tied the white plastic ring to the other end and you have a pull string that you can actually pull!! My daughter yells “YEE HAWW” or “YOODAALAAAAYYYHEEHOO!” When you pull it!! Too cute!

The wig I made using a very tight fitting crocheted hat and red yarn. I laced the yarn through the hat and then tied the pieces next to it together, braided it back, and put in a yellow hair bow.

The belt was made using a freebie from a rummage sale. It was an adult size belt, I cut the buckle side off, down to the right size for my daughter, and then sewed on velcro (ouch on the fingers!). I then added the belt buckle (one my grandpa had given me years ago!) and VOILA, Jessie Belt! Add the boots, a little blush, and red lip liner for the eyebrows, and you have a beautiful Toy Story Jessie Costume!!

Coolest Toy Story Jessie Costume

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