Coolest Toy Story Homemade Family Costume

My daughter chose the theme for this year’s costumes.  She came up with the Toy Story theme, and wanted my husband to be Zurg, for me to be Jessie, herself as Buzz, and my youngest daughter as Woody.  We already had the Buzz wings, but I set out to order the material, and construct the Zurg helmet.  I found Woody’s buckle and hat at the Disney Store, and made the rest.

With Zurg, I made a red and purple cape with a collar, and put a coat hanger in it to keep it’s shape.  The helmet was interesting! I found a viking hat for the horns at a costume store, and attached the cardboard helmet to it for my husband to wear.  He was such a good sport, as he does not normally participate in holiday costumes, or decorating. I made some sleeves to fit over his winter gloves with elastic to look like Zurg’s gloves.

With Jessie, I had a white shirt that I attached the yellow sleeves and collar on to match Jessie, and made the cow chaps. I added to her with a red wig that I braided, hat, and belt buckle with red cowboy boots.

With Buzz, I bought white pants and a white shirt, and added the black accents with velcro to make it look like Buzz’s moveable parts. I ordered the mask that fit nicely under the purple head cover that came with the wings and gloves. I also made some white covers to fit over her shoes.

With Woody, I made the yellow shirt, and cow vest to fit my daughter.  I didn’t have a pattern, but measured from one of her shirts. I added a red bandana, and she wore the hat, holster, and cowboy boots.

My little Buzz was so proud that I was able to make us all look like characters from Toy Story, and every one who saw us when we went out absolutely loved the theme. We really enjoyed spending the holiday as a team like this, and it has become a tradition now, that all 4 of us go together in some way for Halloween, and our daughters pick what we will be.

I know that buying costumes is much cheaper than making them, but I enjoy creating them so much, that I hope to make our costumes for many years.

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