My son is in LOVE with Buzz Lightyear so we dressed up as a Homemade Toy Story Family Costume for Halloween. The Buzz Lightyear costume was purchased from Disney, but the Woody and BoPeep were home made.

For Woody:
found a yellow plaid shirt at Value Village
Red Hanky from the Dollar store
Hat and sheriff badge from the Party store
The vest was something I threw together with my sewing machine using a cow print fuzzy material and trimmed with rope – no pattern required.

For BoPeep:
I used a pattern for a basic idea but altered it to fit my needs. I painted the spots on the skirt with fabric paint. And wore a pair of PJ pants for the blue pants underneath. The pattern was originally for a milk maid I think, and I just changed the color for specific areas (blue on chest) and added the lace and ribbon to the front and trim.

It was easy to make and a lot of fun!