My six year old son Blade asked to dress up as Green Army man from Toy Story. I started with regular clothing.

I painted two times with semi gloss latex paint with a brush  (this is what gives his the “plastic effect”!!! The thicker the better!)  Then I painted three coats of Kelly Green spray paint. The gun was a Nerf gun we already had. I just painted to match. Put socks on his hand. The face is a stretched out pantyhouse painted green.

I took an old pair of boots and screwed them to plastics pieces. I cut in the middle so he would be able to walk. My son has bragged and bragged on his costume and cannot wait to wear it for Halloween! It is a little hard to move around in which fits perfect with theme of being a stationary toy!!  I have sent pics to several friends and they cannot beleive that Blade is actually in the costume, they said it looks too good to be true! Total cost around $25,  estimated total time 5-6 hours.