For this Toy Plastic Soldier Costume – pants and jacket were bought from a thrift store. I chose a raincoat and pants which had a slick material. I bought the utility belt, riffle, canteen, and walkie talkie from the dollar store.

I used a pair of old work boots for my shoes. I had to go to a Halloween store to buy the army helmet. I made a bazooka out of PVC pipe. For my hands I bought a pair of yellow latex gloves.

All of these items were spray painted with primer and then painted in a glossy green paint. Using glossy paint is important, it gave the costume the “plastic look” like a toy soldier.

For the base I used a piece of carpet and used zip ties to attach it to my feet. I hopped around with the base attached to my feet and people loved this! I did not make the zip ties too tight, so I could take the base on and off. I painted the carpet with the same green paint.

For my face I used a pair of panty hose and painted it green. I wore a dust mask underneath to prevent breathing in too much paint.

It was difficult to see and breathe with the panty hose (I could only wear this for a short period of time). I was unable to color match a face paint with the paint I chose for the Toy Plastic Soldier Costume (that is why I used the panty hose).