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Coolest Tomato Pin Cushion Costume

I love to sew and this year was my busiest Halloween to date with 6 homemade costumes including my own. Thanks to your website and tips I was able to make my best friend, Aunt, and nephew very happy!

Through the costume making process I was inspired to do a sewing themed costume, which led me to my tomato pin cushion costume. I was able to create my costume out of left over fabric from previous projects. The inside lining was light red and the outside fabric was dark red.

To begin, I measured my body around to determine the circumference of my costume. I added another 12 inches to my measurements for the inside lining and 30 inches to the outside fabric.

For the leaves I used green felt that I cut into triangles. I sewed the leaves onto the dark red fabric. Since the dark red was longer than the lining (light red) I had to overlap some of the outside fabric over itself at the top and bottom seams (I did this on the top of the dark red fabric before sewing the leaves on). I then turned the fabric right side out; this made a long tube of fabric with leaves.

I then pinned and sewed the ends of the outside (dark red) fabric together. The tube of fabric was now a donut that was ready to be stuffed with poly fill. Be careful not to over-stuff the pin cushion. After stuffing the pin cushion I sewed the inside lining seam.

For the straps I used measuring tape and sewed it in place. To make the segments I took green thread and made a stitch on the top inside lining and brought it to the bottom inside lining and pulled it tight, making the fabric bunch up. I did this a couple of times for the desired effect.

For the strawberry I cut zig-zags out of the green felt and cut the strawberry shape out of red fabric and sewed the two sides together, leaving a 1-2 inch opening on the side. I then turned the strawberry right side out, and stuffed it with poly fill, making it into a pillow. I attached the strawberry to the pin cushion with green ribbon.

To make the pins I painted wooden skewers with gray spray paint and cut them into 3-4 inch pins. I hot glued multi-colored pom poms on the top of each skewer. In order to attach the ‘pins’ to the tomato pin cushion I cut slits the size of the skewer and hot glued each ‘pin’ in place.

If you have any questions about my Tomato Pin Cushion Costume please leave a comment and I will answer you.

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