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Coolest Toddler Beaver Costume

This Homemade Toddler Beaver Costume started with s brown zip up hoodie & brown sweat pants. I then purchased some faux fur which I cut for a patch on the chest, cut strips for the cuffs, a couple smaller strip for eyebrow & a strip to put around the tail in the back. Oh, and for the ears are as well. I basically pieced to small circular pieces together & hot glued them – then I added a couple stitches to make them into a c shape & sewed them to the hood.

I glued on felt eyes & felt teeth and a little faux fur for whiskers. The tail was a piece of cardboard that I covered in a dark brown fabric (I used a lot of glue gun).

It was a bit tricky attaching the tail – but a few stitches & some glue eventually managed to get it secured.

This was a great costume for our little guy because it was original & it was cozy and warm (after all it’s cold here in Minnesota).

HomemadeToddler Beaver Costume

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