I used one large box for each of the Thomas the Tank Engine and Percy costume. All I did was cut the top flaps into the shape of the back of the train, and used masking tape to hold it together. This also gave my kids a place to stand in the center of the box.

The smoke stack is an empty Quaker Oats container painted black and attached with a hot glue. I used 2 elastic straps attached by brads as the “seatbelts,” as my kids call them. They had to be put on crosswise in order to stay up on their shoulders.

The wheels were cut out of the long flaps on the bottom of the box. For the faces, I bought craft foam discs, painted them black, and hot glued them to the front. I drew the faces in white construction paper with a black sharpie and glued that to the foam. All of the paint is acrylic paint from Michael’s.