From about November 1st of last year, I knew I wanted my girls to be Thing 1 and Thing 2 from The Cat In The Hat. So I had plenty of time to think about how to make the costumes!

The blue hair was the most painstaking of it all, I used blue crocheted caps and threaded tulle through just about every tiny hole in them. Each one probably took about 6 hours of straight work. The tops were the easiest, as these were just long sleeved red shirts with a homemade applique.

The homemade applique was made with a white tee-shirt and a marker. Since I can’t sew in a straight line to save my life, I used liquid stitch to adhere them to the shirts. After that, I made two red tutus with red tulle and I used a red crocheted headband for each waistband. Then I put matching legwarmers on!

Oh yea, and just in case the tutus weren’t a dead giveaway for the fact that these were girls, I made them each a blue & red flower clip to put in their “hair.” Natalee wore her “hair” all night, although Juliette got tired of it at the end. All in all, I think I will make their costumes every year!!