At our son Shane’s school’s Halloween Parade last year, he saw that a little boy was a television and has had it in his mind that he, too, wanted to be a television for Halloween 2010. I was surprised as Halloween was drawing closer this year that he still wanted to be a television (I thought for sure, as most six-year-olds do, he would have changed his mind – but he hadn’t!). So a week before Halloween, I began construction of his homemade television child Halloween costume.

I made a few trips to both A.C. Moore and Michaels and bought my supplies. I had been working ideas back-and-forth in my head, too, before actually beginning the creation process so I would know where I wanted to start and end in the process. I bought foam board, foam sheets, black decorative tape, and several other items to make the television complete. The process took about six hours (with many stops to take photos, of course) I think the finished product turned out great – and more importantly, it put a smile on our son’s face :)