For my teabag costume, I purchased a few yards of Crinoline, a couple yards of cording and a box of Lipton teabags. I cut out two huge rectangles the same size. I then laid one on top of the other and sewed the sides and bottom.

Open up the top and fill about 1/3 with dried leaves. Fold the top in on both corners making a point and fold down like the top of a teabag.

Cut off the top of the teabag box and shape like the paper tag of a teabag. Hot melt glue to 1 yrd of the cording and then sew the cord to the top of the bag.

I made two complete bags and attached them with fabric straps at the top so that I could just throw it over my head.

It was a big hit at the doctor’s office I work at on Halloween! We always dress up! I wasn’t just any old bag lady, I was a tea bag lady!

I wore a long sleeve black shirt, black tights and black shorts under it and carried a teapot and large strainer!