Coolest Teabag Costume

For my teabag costume, I purchased a few yards of Crinoline, a couple yards of cording and a box of Lipton teabags. I cut out two huge rectangles the same size. I then laid one on top of the other and sewed the sides and bottom.

Open up the top and fill about 1/3 with dried leaves. Fold the top in on both corners making a point and fold down like the top of a teabag.

Cut off the top of the teabag box and shape like the paper tag of a teabag. Hot melt glue to 1 yrd of the cording and then sew the cord to the top of the bag.

I made two complete bags and attached them with fabric straps at the top so that I could just throw it over my head.

It was a big hit at the doctor’s office I work at on Halloween! We always dress up! I wasn’t just any old bag lady, I was a tea bag lady!

I wore a long sleeve black shirt, black tights and black shorts under it and carried a teapot and large strainer!

5 thoughts on “Coolest Teabag Costume”

  1. I made one too but used iron on interfacing for the bag material so I just ironed the thing together – no sewing!!

  2. Hi Carol and all. I had decided to be a “Tea Bag” this year and bought a grainery burlap bag at a grainery at a farm community near by … $3.00. I am going to have my husband paint Lipton Tea on the front, rather largely, and have the cord and front cover of the tea bag box hang over my shoulder and fall loosely to my mid back. I will also staple tea bags here and there on the burlap (maybe around the hem too?). I will wear a black 3/4 tea shirt, leggings, and black shoes, and maybe try to fashion T bag earrings too. We shall see. Trying to keep it simple.

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