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Awesome Homemade Swamp Monster Costume

I created this Homemade Swamp Monster Costume from recycled clothes (my favorite material being old jeans!). I used old Pj’s as the base for the costume, then cut LOTs and LOTs of individual scales from jeans and glued them on the Pj’s. I then painted each scale with green paint and a touch of black and white for highlights. I made the head piece from a bald cap that I altered by putting the fin and scales on it. I made the fin out of old jeans, sewed it together, and sewed it onto the bald cap. The swamp hands and feet were also made from old jeans that I sewed together and painted.

Last but not least, the tail was made from jeans and stuffed with old clothes then sewn onto the pants. This took me a couple of weeks to construct, but was defintely worth it! I love knowing no one else will have a costume like my son’s!

Homemade Swamp Monster Costume

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