Coolest Sushi Group Costume

We decided to attend a Halloween event with a theme, a sushi trio! I’m the Tobiko Roll chef (Angel), there’s shrimp on rice (Kamaile) and an Ahi slice on rice (Gretchen)!

The “backpack” rolls/rice and hats were all hand-made with bolts of black, pale pink and orange silky fabric bought at a closeout sale. They were hand stuffed with batting and or foam sheets and hand stitched, and we each had a hand-made coordinating lapel pin. The hats were embellished with additional bunched fabric to mimic pickled ginger and wads of wasabi, as chopsticks were added for additional effect. We also decorated our treat bags with a red sushi patterned fabric.

The white outfit is an actual chef coat and pants, the black outfits were simple black jeans and t-shirts. Considering all the walking we knew was ahead of us, we all made the smart choice of wearing comfortable shoes!

Angel's Tobiko Roll Costume (with Jack Skellington)