My daughter loves sushi, so we had to figure out how to make that for an 11 year old who didn’t want the “california roll” look. We decided to be a Sushi Hand Roll (Temaki) and make essentially a head-piece.

I used quilting batt to form the cone, which I spray painted black. Then I made an interior armature (within the cone) – a head ring to hold the cone/hat in place (on her head) and a cardboard platform (to secure the ingredients).

For the food parts I used spongy-type foam which I cut and painted for the shrimp and tofu, left over batt was used for cucumber and jicama, painted cardboard for carrots, chopsticks (with cardboard toppers, painted green) for sprouts, green wrapping paper for the lettuce, and packing peanuts for rice.

We then added glitter glue accents for a little sparkle. The rest was geisha white face, a kimono and fan. Some people were baffled (maybe non-sushi eaters) saying,”Why does she have vegetables on her head?” and others just said, “Wow!”. She got her picture taken several times and received a lot of extra candy!


Packing foam peanuts = rice
Quilting batt = Nori (seaweed wrap) w/ spray-paint
Foam – tofu, jicama and shrimp
Cardboard & foam core = carrots and sprout tops
Green wrapping tissue = lettuce
papertowel card board roll = green onions
Chop sticks = sprouts

Cost – $5.00 for batt (all the rest I had )