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Coolest SuperMom Halloween Costume

Supermom on the Job!

Every few years my dear friend Jenny hosts a themed costume party. This year the theme was “Hero’s and Leaders” in honor of election year, and we were encouraged to interpret that creatively.

I thought long and hard about a costume that would be fun and different. A few weeks before the party I opened my refrigerator and saw a magnet that had been there forever. It said, “If evolution were true then mothers would have 3 arms”. This helped inspire my costume, along with 2 t-shirts that I had purchased from Terri at TNT Designs [on the web] entitled “Mom’s Taxi” and “Mom’s Diner”. The details just followed along! I also used some internet “jokes” that came my way about what happens when mom is not on the job, to fill in some details too.

I envisioned a costume that incorporated 3-5 arms, each hand representing some household chore or use; maybe even carrying items related to the arm, like a wash bucket, garden tools etc. I wanted a taxi type hat reflecting my chauffeur enterprise 24/7, and every mom needs to have “eyes in the back of her head”, a referee whistle, and an unlimited supply of food and cash. Mom’s diner is also open 24/7… as well as the national Bank of Mom. In addition to the costume contest criteria, I wanted something easy on and off, so I could lose the costume if it became too hot once the dancing started.

I cobbled the back set-up from an old backpack my friend Melissa donated, and blue pool hose I had laying around. You could also use swimming noodles, a regular hose, flexible ducting etc… I had saved the pool hose from years ago just in case it was needed for costumes, like Medusa or something. Only the backpack had to be cut with four openings, 2 each side, top & bottom. Everything else can come apart easy for re-use.

I took “sleeves” or pant legs from old or discarded clothes and covered the blue hose. I lightly stuffed the gloves, and attached them to the hose with elastics, and tied off the sleeve to the glove with fishing wire, which is virtually invisible. The taxi hat was a $3 police hat at the local 5&10. I used markers and vinyl fabric to cover over the police insignia, attaching with hot glue. I chose Pink and black as pink is the color of hope and support for women, and I planned to wear my black shirt with pink breast cancer awareness logo on it anyway. The cape I made from material at Joann’s fabric, [Look for fabric that doesn’t fray!] about 1 yard or so, depending on how tall you are. Just a fold over hem at the top and bottom, and laced my daughter’s pink sash through the top for attaching at the neck.

If you don’t sew, you could use vinyl fabric, shower curtains, or tablecloths and it would work just fine. The plastic curtain would work as you could just draw whatever you needed direct on it, and save a lot of time. If you did that you could use Sharpie Markers to write your logo, but I didn’t think of that until later. So, I designed my logo in my computer and ironed it onto the pink fabric using transfer paper, which is very easy to use.

The apron is just a rectangle of pink vinyl folded up to have pockets. I stitched it, but you could staple it, duct tape it, or use a hot glue gun too.

In the drapery section of the fabric store there is a kind of tape with loops on it they use for curtains. I used this to attach my tools, but you could punch out some holes, or attach the ribbon with staples just as easily. Also, “work” aprons are available in craft stores like AC Moore or Michaels, as well as Home Depot.

The costume was less than $20, as I only needed the pink vinyl, the cape material, and the cap. It took me about 3-4 hours to do this costume, working at top speed the day of the party. I was working out the kinks though, and it shouldn’t take as long doing it again, or if you do it. If I had more time, I would have tried to attach a cup holder or snack tray somewhere!

It seemed crazy to have so many arms and pockets but still have to carry a drink and a plate around. It’s possible one of the baby carriage cup holders could be adapted to hold a beverage, by clipping onto the front apron pocket. Things like a hot glue gun, Velcro tape, floral wire, fishing string, are very useful for making costumes. I also like colored contact paper, and sticky back felt! If you wanted to, you could go for the all out Supermom and stack the body, wear high heeled sneakers [for all the running around mom’s do] and vamp the underlying outfit!

It was a lot of fun to wear, and amused everyone, especially the other moms at the party!

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  1. That is awesome!! I love it. I am so gonna copy you!! I have 4 kids 5 and under, a stepson I take care of, and one on the way!! I love it!! nice job!

  2. I love your costume thanks so much for the idea. I’m going to copy it for sure I have 3 boy ages 2,4,7 I also work full time. Add in after school activities and sports life’s crazy!!! Thanks for sharing!!


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