Coolest Superheros to the Rescue DIY Couple Costume

My girlfriend loves ladybugs and wanted to go as a ladybug this year…. So I decided that I would step it up a notch and make it super hero’s!! Do wanna add that the idea for these Superheros to the Rescue DIY couple costumes did not stem from the books about bumblebee boy and ladybug girl. Enter “BUMBLEBEE BOY” & “LADYBUG GIRL”.

Our capes were made by hand with the use of fabric (Ladybug Girl used black duct tape for the dots but on Bumblebee boy the stripes were fabric as well). You can also see in the photo that we both carry an emblem on or chest!! (made from foam pieces). Bumblebee Boy has a “BB” and Ladybug Girl has a “LG” I will admit, it was a little awkward wearing the tights and woman’s underwear all night!

The antenna that we have on are made from pipe cleaners wrapped around a plastic headband. Total time making bumblebee was around 1.5hrs and ladybug girl was around 1hr. I hope that you enjoy our Superheros to the Rescue DIY couple costume!!