Coolest Super Mario Bros Halloween Costume

We’re all characters from Super Mario! All were handmade(except for Peach)! This was an incredible time consuming, sometimes hard project, but definitely worth it!

In order, to make the Super Mario Bros Halloween costume we have:

Toadstool- Ethan
Donkey Kong- Steve
Daisy- Alicia
Mario- Damien
Peach- Kelly
Wario- Mike

Each costume was made using felt and then hand sewn. The costumes were made every weekend for about 5 hours so in total it took around 15-20 hours to complete these. The hardest to make was by far Yoshi.

His head is made of cardboard with the felt over top. The shell and tail were made into a backpack which fit over the shoulders. This was done for more movement in the tail. Luigi, Mario, and Mario were fairly easy to make with the exception of Luigi’s hat which was handmade. Toadstools hat (my favorite) was not too difficult and was also made using cardboard with felt over top with the addition of a very large amount of stuffing.

These costumes were quite inexpensive. To make Yoshi,Mario,Luigi, and toadstool it cost around $60. That includes needles,thread,and scissors. You could buy only one costume at that price so in all quite inexpensive. We hope you enjoy our costumes as much as we do!

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  1. This was awesome. Me and my friends are all going out as Mario characters this year. Authentic ones too, I (tall and thin) am Luigi, my friend (shorter and heavier than me) is Mario, My girlfriend is Daisy, his is Peach, and we have another friend being Boo (fairly scary, and doesnt move unless your back is turned, lol)

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