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Coolest Super Blunt Costume

So I’ve been sitting around all day smokin’ blunts trying to figure out what I want to be for Halloween and it’s been a real stumper. I’ve been cruising around Google trying to find some ideas but no one has any original ideas anymore. So me and my buddies light up another one and then the idea hits me, I’m going to roll myself up in a blunt. I noticed that we had a lot of pizza boxes stacked in the corner of the room which would be perfect to make a cone shaped blunt.

So my buddies and I got started rolling me up until I was a 5 foot long blunt. It took about 15 pizza boxes to do it. To get the brown rolling paper look I bought a brown bed sheet and glued it to the cone, and for the red cherry I glued red tissue paper to the top. It was definitely the biggest blunt I’ve smoked in a while.

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