Adorable Homemade Strawberry Shortcake Costume

The inspiration for this Strawberry Shortcake costume came when I found the shirt on clearance at Kohl’s. I bought it when it was 2 sizes too big, thinking it looked like Strawberry Shortcake (when it was really not even related). I packed it away until my daughter got bigger. When I came across it again, I decided it would make a good costume, rather than an everyday shirt.

Paired with jeans and brown shoes she already had, this would be cheap! We ended up with a hand-me-down red jacket to tie around her waist (or wear when it got cooler at night).

Now the only challenge would be the hat. I started hunting for fabric for the hat in every fabric store I could, but could only find it with the vintage Strawberry Shortcake imprinted on it. I finally found some on eBay. The ribbon I found at a craft store, and also a Strawberry button to put on the center of the bow on the hat. I bought a bucket style hat at the dollar store, which had a camouflage print, thinking I would either cover it with the material, or copy the pattern. Instead, I ended up buying a .99 pattern in the style I was wanting. For the hair, I bought some curly doll hair at a craft store, and stitched bunches of it around the inside brim of the hat.

We added freckles with a brown eyeliner pencil, and that was it!