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Coolest Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Costume

This Homemade Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Costume was made by my mother Elva. She purchased white silk king sized bed sheets for $11.00 at Ross. Then she sewed pants and a shirt pattern out of some old sweats I had. After she finished the design of the suit (which looks like marshmallows attached together) my mom turned the suit inside out and took foam she already had and sewed the arms and legs around with it.

Then from her basement found more fabric to make the bib and tie, also using excess from the sheets to make the trim around the bib. The mask was made from the same foam, but wire from a hanger was used for the top to form the mallow look. After she shaped the mask she took out a pillow case from the bed set and covered the foam like marshmallow head. Cutting eyes and a mouth Mr. Stay Puft was almost complete.

We went to a local Halloween shop and bought a cheap kids sailor hat for $0.54. My mother folded the lip of the hat and wrapped it with blue fabric also used for the bib. Then cutting the top of the hat and again using the the excess silk sheets she gave the hat a more “puft” look. My one of three contributions was gluing letters my mom had to read “Stay Puft” on the brim of the hat. I also bought gloves for $3.00 and already had white shoes to make my costume complete.

The Homemade Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Costume was a huge success at my girlfriend’s Halloween party and went perfect with the “Ghostbusters” theme my friends and I were going for, but I couldn’t have done it without my mom who really put a lot of effort and love into the project, and I’m very happy and proud of my mother for the way it came out.

Cost: $14.54
Time: 3 full days

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