I wanted something original for Halloween last year for my oldest daughter. She loves Starbucks hot chocolate, and I love their coffee! So our minds were made up, a Starbucks Coffee costume!

I bought a small laundry basket ($1.97), some brown fabric ($2 yd) and a piece of poster board ($.50). I cut the bottom out of the basket, then measured where to cut the armholes. I wrapped the poster board around the basket, and got glued it down. Then I lined the top of the basket with the brown fabric and left a hole for her head.

I printed out the Starbucks logo (super sized) off of my computer, and glued it to the front of the ‘cup’. The handle is made from poster board as well. She wore some brown leggings and a brown long sleeve T that she already had and was good to go!

She got so many compliments and was running around telling everyone ‘you can drink me!’ haha It was a good time.