Coolest Spy vs. Spy Halloween Costume

My husband and I love the old school Mad Magazine, especially these guys. I looked for months to find a costume and there is not one in existence other then a few weird looking rubber masks, so we made every inch ourselves.

The masks are paper mache covered with fabric. The suits are extra large mans mock turtle neck shirts with piping sewn in the bottom seam and the cuffs switched. The shoes are “Crocs” covered with screen, quilting material and socks!

Our hats are a combination of two hats cut apart for the parts we needed and covered in fabric. We even paper mached a bomb and a stick of TNT. We really had a great time!

18 thoughts on “Coolest Spy vs. Spy Halloween Costume”

  1. Great costume, I think I will try to duplicate this. Thanks for the idea. I hope mine turns out half as good.

  2. I think we’re going to do Spy v Spy this year too. How did you do the eyes? Just really thin black fabric you can see through? I saw some people using clear / black plastic like black sunglasses lenses but that sounds less manageable.

  3. My friend and I are thinking about going to a anime (cartoon) convention, but I didn’t want to spend 150 bucks on something I will never wear again. So I started looking at websites, and I found this! omg, this is brilliant, though I wished you had said more on how you made it, but I think I can manage with what you have given, thanks!

  4. My friend and I did Spy vs Spy for “twin day” at school. Everyone always wears the same shirt and some jeans, or something similar to that, and we really stood out and it looked really original. Our costumes weren’t this elaborate though.

  5. LOVE THE OUTFIT!!! was a costume that was planned but was never done………do u think this outfit can be copied or made in like 2 days?!?!

  6. My boyfriend and I love Spy vs. Spy, and I’m thinking about getting him to do this with me this year. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. My 5 yr. old and 7yr. old boy wants to be spy vs spy. Can you make ones for them? Email me at
    madproaudio at hotmail dot come

  8. I see that you can buy ones online now, but yours are so much better could you give more details on how you did the masks?

  9. I have made a children’s black Spy vs. Spy, everything except for the mask. I am interested in making a couple more children’s size for this Halloween. If anyone is interested, send me an email to sister at ladysewforus dot com. I’ll be happy to send photos and provide more information.

    Happy Costuming!

    Darlene aka Sister Sew For Us

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