Coolest Spy vs. Spy Costume

He and I both subscribed to MAD Magazine as children so when he suggested SPY VS. SPY for our costume this year I said YES! without hesitation. It’s funny how quickly we agreed on our costume with how little we agree on everything else. Which makes being enemies for Halloween even more perfect.

The first thing I made was the time bomb. I used paper towel rolls stuffed with newspaper for support and wrapped with red paper. The clock piece was made from the inside of a masking tape roll, card stock, black paint and a push pin. (the clock hands move!) For the other bomb I picked up a perfectly sized plastic Christmas ornament from a Dollar tree. Spray painted it black. For the fuse I used wire placed inside of white string attached to a plastic bread tab that I cut and painted orange to give it that drawn cartoon look.

The masks I shaped from poster board and masking tape. Then I did two layers of paper mache (flour, water, newspaper). I spray painted them white and sewed in scraps of black pantyhose for the eyes. It was kinda like wearing sunglasses at night. Then I used a black paint marker to draw on the mouths and other details.

For the hats I used cereal boxes that I cut and taped to shape for the base that fit on our heads. I wrapped them in fabric. I used wire hangers to shape the rim of the hat and sewed the fabric around the wire. I cut the rim so that I could fit it around the base and added the belts of fabric which worked nicely to hide the seams.

Most of the clothing were articles we already had. I only had to buy the white jacket, gloves, and shoes that I picked up from a thrift store for real cheap ($7 at Edgewood Thrift, <3 that place). The only other thing I bought was the ornament, poster board and spray paint from the dollar store ($4).

When we went out we threw those trick poppers at one another…That was another thing that was hard to find this time of year. Flea markets never disappoint. Also, I was surprised how many young kids knew who we were. Apparently there is a new MAD cartoon on Cartoon Network. Our SPY VS. SPY costumes were a lot of work and a lot of fun.

Homemade Spy vs. Spy Costume

Homemade Spy vs. Spy Costume

Homemade Spy vs. Spy Costume