Cool Spy vs. Spy Costume

My son wanted to team up with a friend for a Homemade Spy vs. Spy Costume from Mad TV show and old Mad magazines, but I thought, why not be both – half White Spy and half Black Spy. I went to Goodwill and got two large turtle necks and sewed them together. The pants I needed a pattern for and made with flannel. I bought a gangster hat and painted it half white, then put brim of a witch’s hat over it and covered with felt.

The shoes are just his, covered in felt and duct-taped on the bottom. The face is made from rubbery shelf liner, duct tape and plastic placemat to keep the form. I cut out the eyes and duct-taped see- through fabric on. Lastly, I made a dynamite stick from a glow-stick container and red duct-tape and a bomb from a Styrofoam ball and spice cap. Huge hit and he loved it. Adults all reminisced about Mad magazine!

Homemade Spy vs. Spy Costume